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Client (EN)

Guides for clients calling via anymind.


- How can I create an anymind account?

To set up your anymind account and be able to connect with consultants of your choice, enter anymind.com and click Sign up in the upper right corner of the page. You’ll be taken to a new tab with a short form to fill in.
Type in your e-mail address in the LOGIN field, then set up a strong password for your account (it should consist of at least eight characters, including one lower-case and one upper-case letter, and one special character). Then, get acquainted with our terms of service, and agree to these terms by ticking the first checkbox. You can also give us permission to send you information concerning our platform and services by ticking the second checkbox. Click Sign up. You’ll be logged in automatically.
After you log in to anymind for the first time, complete your profile: fill in your name and surname and add a profile picture. Go through all your settings and add your preferred payment method. Also, take a minute to go to your mailbox to confirm your e-mail address.
That’s it. Your account is working. :)

- How can I find a consultation on anymind?

To find a consultation on a given subject, go to any page of our platform (app.anymind.com) and type your phrase into the search box in the navigation bar. It can be the topic of the desired consultation (e.g. “English”, “accounting”, “law advice”) the name of the specialist you’d like to talk to (e.g. “dietician”, “vet”, “midwife”), or you whatever words you want to use to describe your problem (e.g. “sprained ankle after running”, “dog ate some chocolate”). Then click the search icon (magnifying glass) or hit “enter” on your keyboard.

- How can I connect with a consultant?

To connect with a consultant, hit the Connect button on their consultation. You can only initiate a connection after you’ve created an anymind account and added your preferred payment method (either credit card or promo code). Don’t worry about the safety of your money, all transactions inside our portal are handled by a certified payment operator, Elavon, and you can remove your card anytime. If the consultant you’d like to talk to is offline, you can request to be notified by e-mail when they come online. Just click the Notify me button.

- How can I test anymind?

If you want to check how talking via anymind looks like before you make a paid call, no problem — you can connect with us. We’ve set up a free consultation so you can test our communicator at no cost. You can also download our free app for android or iOS.

- Do I have to sign up to connect?

Yes, you have to sign up to anymind to connect with a consultant, and you need to add a payment method in your Payments tab. Don’t worry, all transactions are safely handled by Elavon, and you can remove your credit card anytime.
If you don’t want the consultant to see your personal data, just switch on Anonymity in the Settings tab.

- Why do I have to verify my e-mail address?

After you’ve signed up to anymind, you will receive an e-mail from us (subject “Verify your e-mail address”) with a verification link to confirm your e-mail address assigned to your anymind account.
We require verification for two reasons:
  1. 1.
    to make sure nobody has used your e-mail address without your permission,
  2. 2.
    to be able to send you system notifications (e.g. to let you know when a consultant you want to talk to becomes available or to send you a summary of the time and cost of your consultation).
If you don’t confirm your e-mail address, your anymind account will still be working, but you won’t be receiving any notifications from our portal via e-mail. However, if you want to use anymind as a consultant, you will be required to verify your e-mail address.

- How can I add a payment method?

To add a payment method, go to Payments tab on your anymind account and add your credit card or promo code by clicking either Add credit card or Add promo code. Just fill in all the necessary details in the form that will show up in a new window, then click Save.
Credit cards are verified with a 1 PLN transaction. The amount is returned to the account from which it was transferred shortly after verification. Don’t worry, all payments for anymind are safely handled by Elavon.
You can remove your credit card from anymind whenever you wish.

- How can I remove my credit card?

To remove your credit card from your anymind account, go to Payments tab and click the Remove button on the right side by your name and card number. In the next step, confirm your decision.
Your credit card will be removed permanently and entirely forgotten. We won’t store any of its details.

- How do promo codes work?

To use a promo code, add it as a payment method in the Payments tab on your anymind account or directly before starting a connection with a consultant. Promo codes work like vouchers. Each code can be used only once, for one call — no matter how much it is worth in relation to the entire cost of the call.
Once you reach the limit of the promo code value during the consultation, you will automatically get disconnected. To continue your consultation, you can then call the same consultant again, using another promo code or your credit card as a payment method.

- How can I connect anonymously?

To connect with consultants and stay anonymous, switch on Anonymity in your Settings tab. Consultants won’t see your name, surname, and avatar. Your details won’t show in the comments section either.

- Do I have to switch my camera on during the call?

No, it’s up to you whether the consultant sees you or not. You can switch on or switch off your camera, microphone or chat anytime during the call.
By default, your camera and chat are switched off, and the microphone is switched on.
Remember that switching your camera on or off during the call is not synonymous with giving camera permissions. To work properly, our app requires your permission to use the camera — but it doesn’t mean the camera will be automatically switched on at the start of the call. You’re always in control.

- What if the consultant is offline?

If the consultant you want to talk to is offline, you can request to receive an e-mail notification when they come online. Just click the Notify me button in his consultation.

- How can I file a complaint?

To file a complaint concerning the consultation (e.g. if the consultant was rude or didn’t answer your question), use the File a complaint option. You can do it:
  • directly after the call by clicking the File a complaint button in the call summary screen,
  • anytime in your Activities tab by clicking the File a complaint button in the details screen of the consultation you are dissatisfied with.
The consultant has 7 working days to answer your complaint. If they accept it, you will receive a refund to the bank account connected with the credit card you added to anymind. If they reject it, we will have a closer look at your complaint and give you an answer within 14 days. If they don’t answer at all, your complaint will be accepted automatically, and you’ll get a refund. If, for any reason, you’re unhappy with our portal, contact us at [email protected]

- How can I report technical problems?

To report technical problems, click the Report technical problems button in the call summary screen right after the call. You can also message us at [email protected]

- How can I become a consultant?

You can always expand your client’s account on anymind and become a consultant on our platform.
  • If you want to give consultations on your own (either as a natural or legal person), set up an individual consultant’s account by clicking Become a consultant in the menu.
  • If you have a company and want to give consultations with your team or invite other experts (from inside or outside your company), set up an organization account by clicking Create an organization account in the menu.
You can have both the individual consultant’s account and the company account, and switch between them as you wish.
You’ll learn everything about consulting on anymind in the Consultant section.

- How can I remove my account?

If you want to remove your anymind account, contact us at [email protected] — we’ll delete it for you. You don’t have to give us a reason (but it’d be great to know).